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Kiosks are changing the face of self service and bringing engaging multimedia interaction with your brand to your customers. Adoption of kiosks by retailers, government, and the hospitality industry (to name a few) are a reaction to consumer demand for a better experience. Since the explosion of the internet in the mid 1990’s consumers are increasingly willing to embrace technology when it’s easy, meaningful and makes a difference to them. How can you benefit by empowering your customer? That’s where Electronic Art comes into the picture… we enable you to empower your customer.

We are not just a software company, nor are we simply here to sell you the sexiest hardware we can stock. Instead, we bring a holistic approach to your unique campaign needs, looking at software, user experience, graphic design, business rules, integration, appropriate hardware, signage, rollout and ongoing support. Yeah, that’s a lot to do, but if you need the complete picture, we are a full interactive agency and can give your brand the appropriate resources needed to make you look good. If you only need some of these things, we can help in the role you’d like us to play, and work with your other vendors, or internal staff to ensure success.

That said, the most common things people want to know on our website are details about hardware, and then they engage us for consulting on all of the other details. Browse the products here in our online catalog and then contact us about how to get started.